Fresno County and workers agree to mediation

Press Release – Feb. 9, 2012

Contact: James Geluso, (661) 301-3963

SEIU Local 521 members glad for breakthrough in contract talks

FRESNO – Fresno County has agreed to come back to the table for mediation to settle contract and Unfair Labor Practice disputes with its SEIU Local 521-represented county workforce.

This is a significant breakthrough in a standoff that had 2,000-plus workers waging a three-day strike last month, charging the county with not negotiating in good faith.

“We are very glad to be able to reach this new phase in talks with the county,” said Sandra Schillaci, a child support officer for the Department of Child Support Services and a member on the SEIU negotiating team.

“We sincerely hope to be able, through mediation, to be able to reach a fair settlement for the county and for all the workers. Most important, we hope to be able to move forward and get back to doing our job, which is serving the residents of Fresno County.”

Workers will meet with the county on March 2-4 in Fresno.

SEIU Local 521 represents 4,100 county workers, or two-thirds of the county’s total workforce. They include child welfare workers, librarians, correctional officers, parks and maintenance workers, and others.

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