Santa Clara County home care stands strong, wins contract

Santa Clara Home Care Negotiation Team

It’s official: Board of Supervisors ratifies contract Feb. 28

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SEIU 521 Region 6 VP“It was a lot of hard work, but we stood strong together to make the Board of Supervisors listen to our issues. Now we have improvements to our pay problems, and our wages and benefits are protected for another two years. We can accomplish a lot when we stand together. Congratulations, everyone!”
— Ellen Rollins, Region 6 Vice President

Santa Clara Home Care Negotiation TeamAfter hundreds of home care workers took action and forced the Board of Supervisors to listen, they won a fair contract with the following protections:

  • Wages and benefits are protected for the next two years
  • Ability to open contract if more funding is available to improve wages and/or benefits
  • A process to ensure their timecards are processed within 7 days from the date they are received AND time-stamped in the office. This language holds the County accountable, with a grievance process if they don’t follow this policy. This is legally binding language that requires the County to stick to a timeline. Finally!

Santa Clara Home Care Negotiation Team


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Después de que cientos de trabajadores de cuidado en el hogar tomó medidas y obligó a la Junta de Supervisores para escuchar, hemos sido capaces de ganar un contrato justo con las siguientes protecciones:

  • Los salarios y los beneficios están protegidos por los próximos dos años
  • La capacidad de abrir más de contrato, si hay fondos disponibles para mejorar los salarios y / o beneficios
  • Un proceso para asegurarse de que sus tarjetas de tiempo se procesan dentro de 7 días desde la fecha de su recepción y una marca de tiempo en la oficina de IHSS. Esta letra tiene el Condado de rendición de cuentas, con un proceso de queja, si no lo hacen. Esa letra es protegida legalmente y requiere que el Condado se adhieren a una línea de tiempo-POR FIN!



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11 Responses to “Santa Clara County home care stands strong, wins contract”

  1. Victoria says:

    Wow, that’s a great victory. Thank you to everyone that participated.

  2. Bobbie Ross says:

    Thanks for a job well done! Wish more members could participate in the contract negotiations prior to voting on the final contract.

  3. Gilda Vincent says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for securing our pay and benefits another two years, and for insuring that the county has to pay us in a timely fashion!

  4. Bobbie Ross says:

    Thank You so much VP Rollins for your help in resolving my issue. And I finally found the comment section LOL

  5. Grateful Member says:

    Great victory guys, you did it again! Even though two years will fly in a heartbeat, this is a major victory to put under our belt, cheers!

  6. Albert says:

    Great job!

  7. veronica carranza says:

    I want to thank you all for keeping us strong for next few years, I’am so grateful my husband had a cardiac arrest almost lost him I now stay home taking care of him and this is what gets us by it’s not much and you don’t get all benefits but I do appreciate I”am able to get paid as his wife. again thank you

  8. maryam aznavian says:

    Thanks a lot,great victory

  9. Eva Salas says:

    Thanks Bargaining Team for a job well done. Thanks for sticking up for us and thanks for sticking to your guns on behalf of us all. Much gratitude.

  10. Maria T Guerrero says:


  11. RONNIE ROCHA says:

    I want to thank you all for all the hard work which was put into securing a 2 year locked contract. Prior to this i had already thanken a cut in hours and was receiving only 1 check per month due to processing of payroll and was told due they only had 1 person entering payroll due to budget cuts. Finally payroll will be entered with in a timely fashion and timecards will be available for upcomming payroll periods. Great Job !

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