Take Back Our California: Why this year is so critical

Take Back Our California!

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Take Back Our California LogoWhy this year is so critical:

  • California ranks in the bottom tier in the nation on education and funding for public services, per capita. WE MUST pass a tax initiative in November that will fund K-12 education and public safety to make California strong again.
  • Our retirement security is at risk. WE MUST reform pension smartly so that all working Americans can retire with dignity.
  • The 1% is attacking union members’ political voice. WE MUST defeat a bogus initiative that aims to silence the voices of the 99%.

REVENUES: Pass it!

Governor Brown is calling for a balanced approach to fixing California’s budget breakdown. We have already felt the impact of heavy cuts on our students, seniors and sick. Now it’s time for everyone — and in particular the 1% — to do their part.

The temporary tax proposal on November’s ballot would add:

  • An extra 1 percent tax on individuals making more than $250,000
  • An extra 1.5 percent tax on those making between $300,000 to $500,000
  • An extra 2 percent tax on those making more than $500,000

It would also contain a half-cent sales tax increase — so little that sales taxes would still be less than they were in 2011.

WE MUST pass this simple and responsible method of paying for services Californians need. It is a temporary tax increase, and if passed by voters, would raise $6.9 billion to enhance K-12 education and public safety.

Fight back bogus initiative that would silence workers’ voices

Stop ActA political power grab by the 1%

The initiative is designed to tip the balance of political power in favor of big corporations. Backers of this initiative say it is comprehensive campaign finance reform, but don’t be fooled. It virtually eliminates the use of workers’ contributions while creating a giant loophole for big corporations.

“Their goal is to eliminate the ability of unions to participate in politics, pure and simple.”
— Gale Kaufman, political consultant, in S.J. Mercury News, Jan. 30, 2012


  • Severely restricts union members’ political activity
  • Changes the rules to benefit wealthy corporate interests at the expense of working families
  • Makes collecting voluntary member contributions to fund political actions unnecessarily cumbersome
  • Creates huge loophole for corporations
  • Makes NO RESTRICTIONS whatsoever on the use of corporate profits for political purposes.

“We all should be alarmed by this blatant power grab by the 1%. Union workers need to be able to have our voices counted in a democracy. Don’t be fooled by this bogus reform.”
–- Rachel Grocha-Welch, forensic chemist, SEIU 521 Region 1 Trustee

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