Assembly panel blocks wasteful computer system

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that an Assembly budget subcommittee voted unanimously to block the expansion of CCMS, the statewide computer system that has sucked down half a billion dollars and showed no signs of slowing down.

This is a huge victory for members of SEIU 521 and the other SEIU locals. Court workers have worked tirelessly to convince the Legislature to put service over software.

While the Administrative Office of the Courts has declared CCMS complete, it still needed to be installed in most of the state’s courts. That process was expected to cost another $1.5 billion by the time it’s done.

As San Diego Court Reporter Jim Partridge put it in a statement released by SEIU California:

“Today, the Legislature reasserted its Constitutional authority—and responsibility—to hold the Administrative Office of the Courts accountable for taxpayer dollars.

“Court workers have taken the lead in shining the light on wasteful spending because every dollar directed to this misguided project is a dollar taken away from serving justice in our communities.

How did we do this? With our time and with our money. That’s why courts workers must be involved, and why we contribute to COPE — SEIU’s Committee on Political Education that supports legislation and candidates who support us.

(You must be an SEIU 521 member to be able to contribute to COPE.)

Sign up now for COPE. (PDF)

Please return the filled out cart to your union organizer, your steward oryour local SEIU 521 office.

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