Take Back Our California: Stop the corporate deception

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Big corporations have enormous influence over our government.

Now, they want even more power.

A bogus initiative with a deceptive name (“Stop Special Interest Money Now” Act) is designed to tip the balance of political power in favor of big corporations.

Backers of this initiative say it is comprehensive campaign finance reform, but don’t be fooled.

It virtually eliminates the use of workers’ contributions while creating a giant loophole for big corporations.
Purple Train

The Purple Train: Get on board!

Stop the corporate deception!

What it would do:

  • Creates a huge loophole for corporations allowing UNLIMITED CORPORATE SPENDING on politics while silencing working families and their unions.
  • Prohibits unions from using dues through payroll deduction on ballot measures or candidates but does NOTHING to stop corporations from spending billions in profits to influence elections.
  • Limits free speech by banning any direct contributions by unions to local candidates.

Get on board the Purple Train and help defeat the corporate power grab.

Blanca Anderson“This initiative doesn’t do a thing to stop corporate money from corrupting our politics. All it does is make it harder for working families to have a voice. We need to fight this fake reform and push for real changes.”
— Blanca Anderson, administrative coordinator
Kern County Department of Human Services

SCCO Veronica Frausto“We all should be alarmed by this blatant corporate power grab. Union workers need to be able to have
our voices counted in a democracy. Don’t be fooled by this bogus reform.”
— Veronica Frausto, Administrative Assistant
Santa Clara County Social Services Agency

Stay informed!

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