SEIU court workers helped pass AB 1208

The chief justice of California has launched an unprecedented public assault on the Assembly.

What could have set her off?

Because she took on SEIU Courts Workers and LOST.

Just ask political commentator Tony Quinn:

“Crucial to the fate of AB 1208 is the role played by SEIU, and there is no doubt its strong support helped muscle the bill through the Democratic controlled Assembly…” (Fox and Hounds Daily, Feb. 14)

AB 1208 is the bill that directs trial court funding to actually go to the trial courts. It narrowly passed the Assembly and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate.

SEIU courts workers helped pass this bill. We lobbied in Sacramento and at district offices. We called each other, and we called our legislators. These phone calls and visits made the difference.

We are the workers that serve the judges and the public. We know what’s happening in our courts. And when we bring our knowledge and our power, we can make real change in California!

How do we do this? With our time and with our money. That’s why courts workers must be involved, and why we contribute to COPE — SEIU’s Committee on Political Education that supports legislation and candidates who support us.

(You must be an SEIU 521 member to be able to contribute to COPE.)

Sign up now for COPE. (PDF)

Please return the filled out cart to your union organizer, your steward or your local SEIU 521 office.

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