San Benito County workers offer budget solutions to Board

San Benito County members at BOSAbout 100 San Benito County workers filled the Board of Supervisors special budget meeting Feb. 28, pledging ongoing willingness to help balance the budget and offering potential solutions, such as capping expensive vacation cash-outs.

The Board of Supervisors is grappling with balancing the budget and called for an open discussion.

“We understand the budget must be balanced and that everyone must be part of the process to do their part to maintain quality services,” said Martha Booker, San Benito County Chapter President. “No one understands this better than SEIU 521 members.”

County workers have offered cost-saving ideas and made concessions in the past that have saved the county millions of dollars, including offering furloughs and freezing salary steps.

SEIU 521 members offered another cost-saving idea to the Board on Feb. 28: Put an end to expensive — and uncapped — vacation cash-outs by top county officials.

San Benito residents deserve quality public services. However, unchecked cash payouts lead to lost jobs and threaten the elimination of public services.

“The general rank-and file-County worker is struggling,” Martha said. “It is not right that public servants are laid off or cut while County Executives making over $100,000 dollars a year walk away with enormous cash payouts.”

Together, labor and management can work collaboratively to develop cost-saving measures that will ensure delivery of efficient, transparent, and cost-effective services.

As SEIU members we have always done our part to protect public services – and we will continue to do so.

What’s next:

Come to the next SEIU general unit employee meeting:
Monday, March 12, 6 p.m.
San Benito County Free Library, 470 5th St., Hollister.

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