Workers tackle Santa Clara County’s health and hospital system

Goal: Make county the provider of first choice

Healthcare Reform changes take effect 2014 and health systems will start being graded by the quality of their care. In addition, more county residents will be insured through Medi-Cal expansion and subsidized health insurance. This newly insured population will have a choice of where they go for healthcare services.

What does this mean?

Santa Clara County health system will have to compete for patients by becoming the provider of first choice.

A core group of members have joined SEIU Local 521 Healthcare Reform Committee in recent months to start laying the foundation for the work ahead.  We successfully lobbied for a Healthcare Reform Stakeholders’ Working Group to begin discussing what it will take to improve our county healthcare safety net.

“I am proud to be working with my brothers and sisters of  SEIU 521 and management  with one goal in mind: To make  health hospital the best it can be to serve our patients and community.”  – Carolyn Elmore-Martin, Senior Health Service Representative, Health and Hospital System

We have also formed a labor-management working group with the county and are reviewing a successful model from Kaiser on how to promote innovation and change to improve our programs and services.

The Kaiser model is based on Unit Based Teams (UBTs) where front line workers work alongside management to identify areas that need changing.

In the coming months, member leaders on the SEIU 521 Healthcare Reform Committee will be reaching out to worksites to begin the education process with front-line workers throughout Santa Clara County Health and Hospital System

Come the meetings, stay informed, and let us become the provider of first choice in Santa Clara County!



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