SEIU members winning for our courts

SEIU members up and down the state have fought to keep courthouses open, while the Administrative Office of the Courts preferred to divert hundreds of millions of dollars to a computer system. Now, supporters of the system are walking back their support. The Assembly already passed a bill to take funding of the courts out of the hands of irresponsible bureaucrats, and the Senate is looking for a compromise. Even the new chief justice is walking back her support for spending another $1.5 billion — yes, with a b — to implement a computer system that doesn’t work.

A legislative hearing on the computer system is scheduled for March 14, and the Judicial Council can put a stop to the madness at its meeting on March 27.

“Never let it be said workers don’t have any power. We’ve been saying for years that spending on CCMS while closing courtrooms is a bad idea, and we never changed our message to fit the politics of the day. We focused on preserving court services for the public and fighting for jobs versus management bureaucracy. And clearly, we are making a difference.”
— Joanne Hutton
Courtroom Clerk, Kern County

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