Take Back Our California: Gov. Brown’s revenue plan

Why 2012 is so critical:

California ranks in the bottom tier in the nation on education and funding for public services, per capita. WE MUST pass Gov. Brown’s revenue plan in November that will fund K-12 education and public safety to make California strong again.

Years of deep cuts have battered the public services we all count on. It’s time to ask those who continue to profit in this tough economy to invest in California’s comeback.

The governor’s modified tax plan has won the support of teachers who are on board to help turn California around.

Purple Train

Get on board the Purple Train: Help pass the revenue plan!

What it does:

  • Raises nearly $9 billion for the upcoming 2012-13 budget
  • Helps secure additional revenues to protect education, public safety, and critical services for California’s most vulnerable residents
  • Increases sales tax one-quarter cent, less than what it was in 2011 and expires after four years
  • Asks the richest Californians to step up to the plate and make a stronger contribution to our state: Only households making $500,000 or more would payer higher income taxes, expires in seven years.

Muriel Frederick“We all want California to once again be the Golden State. Let’s work together to pass this measure so we can put California back on track, for our families and our future.”
— Muriel Frederick
SEIU 521 Region 1 Vice President

Martha Booker“The Governor’s plan includes asking the richest Californians to step up and make a stronger contribution to our state. We need to pass this revenue plan if we’re going to protect our services for future generations.”
— Martha Booker
San Benito County Chapter President

Veronica Rodriguez“It’s time for California to make a comeback. We need to pass the Governor’s tax plan so that we can make California strong again. The protection of education, public safety, and services for our most vulnerable residents depend on it.”
— Veronica Rodriguez
Vice President, Santa Cruz County Chapter

David Chavez“We all know the effects of cut after cut after cut. It’s time to end budget gimmicks and put California back on track. Let’s pass this measure.”
— David Chavez
Community Mental Health Specialist, Fresno County Chapter

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2 Responses to “Take Back Our California: Gov. Brown’s revenue plan”

  1. Delinda Robinson says:

    The petitions I’m circulating are for a measure that will raise personal income tax on income over $250k, not $500k. Is SEIU circulating 2 different measures or is the text above a typo?

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