Pre-convention meetings and elections

International Convention 2012

The SEIU International Convention, held every four years, is the highest governing body of our union. Delegates representing every SEIU member must approve all decisions and policies and programs of the union and will meet to do this work together in Denver, Colo., over the Memorial Day weekend.

SEIU Convention delegates gathered on April 28 for regional pre-convention meetings held in Fresno and Los Angeles to plan out the 99% agenda that will be at the core of next week’s work in Denver.

A series of pre-convention town halls has been staged across the U.S., with one more planned for Monday in Oakland.

“Income inequality is the Number 1 problem our country has to resolve,” said Mary Kay Henry, SEIU International President.

Delegates learned the 99% agenda has four key goals in mind:
1. Good jobs now
2. Investment in quality public services
3. Everybody pays their fair share
4. Pathway to citizenship for all immigrants.

“The convention is going to help us reinforce that we are a group fighting for the common good, not just for us.”
— Scott Johnson, Program Counselor, AchieveKids

Delegates also learned what the strategy is to win:
• Unite the 99% to make income inequality the number 1 problem we have to solve
• Inspire collective action among all workers across all industries
• Mobilize voters around the reelection of President Obama and other key races to win a 99% mandate to close the income gap.

“The Central Valley delegation is charged and ready to go! We have new people excited to go and we have experienced people ready to continue the fight.”
— RoseAnn Domiguez, SEIU 521 Treasurer

Voting concluded: Members select 44 delegates to SEIU International Convention

SEIU Local 521 will be sending 48 delegates to the SEIU International Convention May 28-30. Four are automatic delegates because of their positions on the 521 Executive Board: Chief Elected Officer, President, Secretary and Treasurer.

NEW! Delegate vote results (PDF)

List of delegate candidates (PDF)

Candidate statements (PDF)

Veronica Rodriguez“This is the first time the International Board has rank and file members from across the U.S. participating in organizing the event. I’m very excited to be a part of a diverse team, contribute my input, plus I have the opportunity to meet other rank and file members from other states.”

— Veronica Rodriguez, employment and training specialist, Santa Cruz County

 Veronica was selected to be on the Design Team assisting in organizing the convention.

Things You Should Know

  • Convention days are May 28, 29 and 30 with travel days on May 27 and May 31. Local 521 will pay for lodging, travel and food costs, but not for any time lost from work.
  • On March 3, Local 521’s Executive Board approved the final number of delegates to represent the local at the convention. The 48 delegate spots may be filled by active members as well as retired members who are full dues payers in good standing.
  • Elected delegates may attend an optional training/orientation meeting prior to the convention; April 28 in Los Angeles or April 30 in Oakland, as well as an evening meeting in May with all Local 521 delegates, by video conference from the regional offices in the local.

Print and distribute flyer (PDF)

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11 Responses to “Pre-convention meetings and elections”

  1. Greg Stutzman says:

    When might we be able to see the agenda for the convention?

  2. I know how many delegate candidates are running from my chapter, but don’t know how many we may vote for at the ballot box. Knowing that will tell me whether to review candidates’ statements local-wide. Thanks,


  3. Joanne Mercado says:

    My Congratulation to All!

  4. Shane DeVine says:

    Forty-four delegates seems excessive. Is this proper stewardship of our union dues?

  5. Brenda Eldridge says:

    Can members attend the convention who are not delegates?

  6. Enrique says:

    This past week, Trump offered to give $5 million to a charity of Obama’s choice if he releases his college and passport records. Obama responded by telling his own joke about him and Trump fighting while growing up in Kenya.

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