Monterey County members vote 91% YES on new bylaws

Veronica Rodriguez voting

Veronica Rodriguez, Eligibility Worker, casts her vote April 3 at The Quad in Salinas.

With a resounding 91% YES vote, Monterey County members approved a new set of bylaws that unifies all Monterey County units into one stronger chapter.

Previously, there was one set of bylaws for Units F, J & H, and a separate set of bylaws for Unit K and Unit R.

Now, Monterey County members from all five units have one set of bylaws that unites them into one chapter. The next step will be to elect our chapter officers.

Nancy Treffry“Congratulations on approving the new bylaws. This will result in more transparency, strength in bargaining, and uniformity for our membership. These bylaws allow more representation for all of our members. This is a huge step forward.”
— Nancy Treffry, Environmental Health Specialist, Unit H
Bylaws Committee Member

Elections were held April 3 – 10.

Adopting our new bylaws is the first step in a long process set forth by our member delegates at the 2009 union convention. Delegates decided on a plan called “One Employer, One Chapter” that sought to unite multiple chapters throughout our Local that shared the same employer.

Monterey County members formed a bylaws committee in November 2010 and held multiple meetings to draft our bylaws that were ultimately approved by the membership April 10, 2012.

“Congratulations to our membership for voting to approve our new bylaws! We are now one strong chapter, united to protect our services. Our member bylaws committee really worked hard to make this historic vote happen.”
— Bruce DeWitt, Bylaws Elections Volunteer

What’s next:

Now that we have a new chapter, the next step is electing our chapter leadership in June. More information to follow.

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