Denver Day 1: SEIU 25th Convention

International Convention 2012

The SEIU International Convention, held every four years, is the highest governing body of our union. Delegates representing every SEIU member must approve all decisions and policies and programs of the union and are meeting to do this work together in Denver, Colo., over the Memorial Day weekend.

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International Convention in Denver, Day 1

International Convention in Denver, Day 1

Nearly 1,000 SEIU public sector workers came together on Monday, May 28 to share recent organizing victories and to confront the challenges ahead in our fight for a fair economy.

The 521 delegation invigorated the room with the chant: “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight.” See video highlights below:

Said one speaker: “Every generation has its own fight. Taking back our community is our fight.”

Region 2 Vice President Matt Nathanson addressed the issue of retirement security for all. View video clip here.

In-Home Supportive Services delegate Dolly Clemente moved the audience with her remarks about seeking the American Dream: “I came to America to improve my economic standing. Only in America is there a middle class. We need to rebuild our middle class.”

Stay tuned for the next report from Day 2… Huge action/rally planned, calling on banks to pay their fair share of taxes!

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Denver Post: SEIU, Civil-rights Activists to Join Forces at Denver Convention
“The SEIU is both a union and a movement,” explained Benjamin Todd Jealous, president of the NAACP, in a Denver Post article this morning profiling the SEIU convention. Against a backdrop of rising income inequality, “3,000 SEIU delegates and social activists will gather this week in Denver for the union’s international convention, with the aim of developing a broad, collaborative blueprint for the future,” the article explained, noting SEIU’s successes both in organizing workers and fighting for justice.
Read the news article here.

SEIU Convention delegates gathered on April 28 for regional pre-convention meetings held in Fresno and Los Angeles to plan out the 99% agenda that will be at the core of this week’s work in Denver. Click here to read more.

Delegates in Denver are sharing exciting news (and photos!) with their SEIU 521 brothers and sisters at home through Facebook, Twitter, Texting and blogging on this website. So stay in the loop and connect with other SEIU 521 members using the social tool of your choice!

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10 Responses to “Denver Day 1: SEIU 25th Convention”

  1. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Tammy Dhanota: “Our International Convention is awesome! It’s an honor to be here, meeting so many leaders, like me, from so many other states! And our 521 delegation led the new chant…’Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, don’t give up the FIGHT.”

  2. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Veronica Rodriguez: “There is solidarity in the room! Collectively our voices are heard!! We are ready to take on the fight. We are going to stand up!!”

  3. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Carolyn Gipson: “Wow as a Delegate it’s exciting to be able to be a part of this project and movement. May God Bless this Event.”

  4. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Carmen Soto: “I know that the cost well never go down!!!!!! But how do they expect humans 2 live in this high cost of life? Gas goes up an so does every things else. I pray that you guy’s get every thing your fighting for Solidarity.”

  5. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Greg Gomez: “What a great opportunity to meet other members from around the hemisphere. So proud of you guys!”

  6. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Robert Brizuela: “We have a common cause toward a common good that shares a common threat to our dignity, respect, livelihood by the 1%.”

  7. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Carmen Soto: “Yes God be with you all and FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  8. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Carol Garvey: “It’s ironically reassuring that the struggles and blame of workers, public sector workers in particular, for all the problems surrounding the financial meltdown is a nationwide phenomenon. Our union brothers and sisters across the country as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico have been subjected to take-aways, furlough days, pension reduction or elimination or the threat of some, if not all of these things. They are enduring foreclosures, health care increases or denials, job loss, the inability to continue with their education, etc. etc. It’s happening everywhere and we need to get up, stand up, stand up for our rights.”

  9. SEIU Local 521 says:

    Tammy Loredo Dhanota: “Good Night Fellow Delegates! See you bright and early for our FLASH MOB!!! YEAH!!!”

  10. SEIU Local 521 says:

    3000+ SEIU delegates on convention floor in Denver. “When we work together across countries, across oceans, we will win together.” – A union worker from Morocco

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