Fresno County bargaining update, May 19

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Our SEIU 521 Fresno County Negotiating Team met with the county on Thursday and the employer provided additional data we had requested.

Here are some key areas we are looking at:

County says the unfunded liability is too high for workers’ unused annual leave and wants to lower the cap on annual leave to 400 hours. County also wants to reduce the accrual rate to 10 days a year for 0-5 years, 15 days a year for up to 10 years, and 20 days a year for more than 10 years of service.

SEIU 521 asked for data on annual leave… how many workers and how many hours of unfunded liability the county is referring to. We now have the data and SEIU Research Department will help us do our own analysis so that we can come back with a counter-proposal.

County wants to change the step structure to 12 steps, making it more than twice as long to reach the top step.

SEIU 521 asked for breakdown of specifics of the county’s proposed new steps. This week we received the information from the county and will be analyzing it for our counter-proposal.

County wants to maintain 9% pay cut with no additional salary cuts.
SEIU 521 wants to restore 8% of the 9% wage cut that was imposed.

County wants 9 months. County wants a short contract so they can come back for more of our money!
SEIU 521 seeks a contract to run through Nov. 2, 2014 to protect our paychecks.


Next negotiations: May 24
Next CAT meeting: May 31

And the survey says…

We had a good turnout to our Contract Action Team meeting on Thursday, but need MORE SEIU 521 Fresno County workers to come, participate, and ramp up our energy for this contract fight!

We discussed the results from the contract survey members responded to over the last few weeks.

No surprise… Our top priorities are SALARY and JOB SECURITY!

Come to the next meeting to help plan out what worksite activities we can hold to show we want:
• A fair contract
• Respect
• Workers Unity

Heidi Perez“In order for us to win a good contract, it’s clear we need to stand together and show the county that we’re here to negotiate fairly, and they need to do the same.”
– Heidi Perez, Office Assistant II, Dept. of Social Services

Read what the county is proposing

Read SEIU 521 proposal (PDF)

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3 Responses to “Fresno County bargaining update, May 19”

  1. debi Perez says:

    I am concerned that the negotiation team is not made up of a collective number of Fresno county employees. Where are the SE probation, and others.

  2. debi Perez says:

    My comment. Where aare the SW

    • Kevin Smith says:

      This is not the entire Bargaining Team, this is also some CAT Members. There is Probation staff and SW’s on the Bargaining Team.

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