PERB update: Hearings are over

The Public Employee Relations Board is a quasi-judicial state agency where our case against Fresno County’s unfair labor practices is being heard.

Here’s where we are:
We had five days of hearings, which ended Friday, April 27.

The judge gave both sides until June 1 to turn in closing briefs, then until June 11 for responses. That’s a month and a half away, which might seem like a long time. But it’s actually unusually fast for PERB. It seems the judge realizes how important a speedy resolution is to us.

The PERB case is only over the terms and conditions that the BOS imposed on us in December. That imposition is effective until June 30th; we have started to bargain the next contract.

“We are fighting the three irresponsible Fresno County supervisors on every level. We’re fighting them at PERB, we’re battling at the bargaining table and through member actions.. The only way for us to win is if we all stay strong together. Giving up now would only make the future worse.”  – Shirley Dillard, Fresno County  EW III

Get Involved!  Attend worksite meetings, actions and the CAT meetings!

The Ins and Outs of PERB
Our union filed multiple unfair labor practice charges against Fresno County.  PERB found that all our charges had merit, which meant they all went to hearings.

The 9 percent pay cut imposition: see PERB Update above for full details.

Mandatory furloughs imposed on social workers, eligibility workers and supervisors (units 3, 4 and 36): Hearings have been completed, briefs have been filed and we’re waiting for the judge’s decision.  PERB can take many months, so we don’t know when a decision will be issued.

Violation of our rights during the contract campaign: We will have hearings on these charges, but we are waiting for dates to be set.

Fresno County has lawyers and is happy to spend taxpayer dollars to fight its own workers.  They have already spent over $200,000 on outside attorneys to fight our attempts to get a fair contract.

When we stand strong in a union, we hold them accountable!

Download the flyer version of this update here.

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