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Photo above: Tulare County members, family members and our attorney pose outside the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) office in Sacramento (left to right): Ruby Gomez, Martha Gomez, Desi Cortez, Greg Gomez, Ty Inman, Sonia Negrete, Marcy Ramirez, Socorro Negrete, Rosaena Sanchez, Rick Holmes and Kerianne Steele.

The Tulare County chapter had its day at PERB on 5/16/2012. Greg Gomez, the Chapter’s president testified as the union’s key witness. As a member of consecutive bargaining teams Greg represented to the PERB officer exactly how the County has failed to live up to its obligations. Our attorney, Kerianne Steele, grilled the county’s chief negotiator who tried to hide behind the veil of attorney-client privilege; but the judge forced her to explain what she was directed to do by the county. Under oath, the county negotiator admitted that she was directed to impose the county’s last, best and final offer so the county could avoid paying our member’s frozen merits and flex promotions. Our past tells us the county is dishonest, our present shows us that they continually conspire against their own employees. The merits were earned, the promotions were earned and we call upon the county to make good on their signed contract.

Transcripts from the hearing will be available sometime in July and will be posted on the union website.

The decision from PERB will be forthcoming. The earliest we can expect the judge’s decision is 3 months. Remember this is money that you earned, that was withheld from your checks and this is money they withheld from you and your family. We are in bargaining and our persistence has finally paid off since the county’s newest proposal offers to start paying merits and grant flex promotions in July! We hope that the judge rules that county has to pay for their unfair bargaining tactics and owe everyone back pay on their merits since August 2011.

Come to the next general membership meeting on Wednesday, May 30 at 6 p.m. in the Visalia union hall for more details.

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2 Responses to “Tulare County Chapter PERB update”

  1. Rick Kelsey says:

    Nice to see what happens when they are placed under oath.

  2. Sheree Barcello says:

    If someone is terminated or leaves their position prior to the settlement does that mean they are not entitled to the monies that were withheld from them or will they at least receive the monies acquired from 8-11-12 until the departure date.

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