Unit 12 is looking for a few good leaders!

Our Fresno County Bargaining Team met last week and committed to standing strong together, as one union, during this critical contract campaign for 4,000 workers.

Unfortunately, two out of three negotiators representing Unit 12 [one was absent] refused to say they disagree with the division that is being caused by outside sources and they refused to say they are committied to working to get a new contract for the membership.

And on Monday, all three negotiators from Unit 12 resigned from the Bargaining Team.

We now need to select three interim negotiators from Unit 12 in order for the chapter to be fully represented at the table.

If you are a worker from Unit 12 and are interested, please collect 25 signatures from full-dues paying members by NOON on May 29. You must be a member for two years in good standing with SEIU Local 521. Download the petition here.

If there are more than three candidates, the Negotiating Team on May 29 will decide who will represent Unit 12.

Once our bylaws are approved (VOTE YES!), we will hold an election for chapter-wide leadership and complete our transformation into a democratic and unified Fresno County Chapter.

“Organizational chaos and union infighting is exactly what the employer wants to see right now. Ask yourself who benefits from a weakened union during contract negotiations? The answer is the county! Let’s not play into the employer’s hands, let’s show unity by being unified!”
-Raquel Vidal, Job Specialist
BU4 JS Chapter President, Department of Social Services

“Remember to vote YES on our bylaws this week so that we can move forward as a unified chapter, with real democracy, shop stewards and elected leaders who can build our union!”
-Santiago Oceguera, Eligibility Worker
BU4 EW Chapter President, Department of Social Services

Download the flyer here (PDF)

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