What SEIU 521 does for us

What does SEIU 521 do for us?

As SEIU, we negotiate the contracts that protect us
As SEIU, we fight for fair pay and conditions

Some of the items SEIU 521 negotiates for:
• salaries
• medical benefits and premiums
• annual leave
• bereavement leave
• holidays
• overtime pay
• bilingual skill pay
• flexible work schedules
• extension for paid military leave
• breaks / rest periods
• jury duty / court appearances
• job classification specifications
• reassignments / transfers
• performance evaluations
• call-back / standby on-call pay
• continuing education
• shift differentials
• disciplinary arbitration
• grievance procedures
• prevent contracting-out of your services
• protects your rights in discipline situations

This is what the Board of Supervisors has done for you:
• cut your pay by 9 percent
• raised the cost of your medical premiums
• reduced your bereavement leave
• reduced your bilingual skill pay
• subjected you to unfair and illegal labor practices

Download the flyer here.

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