Workers: Home Care cuts are off the table!

Workers rally at state Capitol

Home care providers and care recipients have been fighting to stabilize and strengthen the home care that keeps seniors and people with disabilities healthy and independent.  They will rally at the Capitol May 15 to declare that reforming the IHSS program by passing SB 1503 is a better option than the proposed cuts in the May Revise.

Instead of cutting the IHSS program, we can create savings in this year’s budget and achieve even better long term savings by transforming IHSS.  Moving to a system of coordinated care, so providers can observe and report symptoms of chronic conditions, will greatly reducing the incidence of nursing home placements and hospitalizations.  But it won’t work if the program is cut.

“You don’t fix the engine of your car, and then slash the tires,” said Loretta Jackson, a home care provider from Sacramento.  “That’s why we are going to the Capitol to say no to even a dollar of cuts to home care.”

IHSS enables more than 400,000 low-income seniors and disabled Californians to live safely and independently at home at a fraction of the cost of nursing home placement.  Yet the cost effective program has been proposed for deep cuts year after year.  As the population of IHSS recipients is expected to double over the next ten years to more than 800,000, home care providers have a plan to solve these challenges now.

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