Budget deal and new home care law – signed, sealed and delivered

It’s a proud day for home care providers, consumers, and supporters in California.

Governor Brown signed a budget June 27 that includes no new cuts to home care and legislation that builds a better future for home care in California.

Earlier this month, In-Home Supportive Services was facing a possible loss of $800 million to the program. Thanks to the efforts of thousands of home care providers, consumers and supporters who pledged support, rallied with thousands at the Capitol, shared stories with legislators, and joined us at local town halls, we helped to preserve home care funding.

The budget rejects the proposed 7% across-the-board cut to home care hours as well as the elimination of domestic and related services for recipients who need support to live at home rather than in an institutional setting. The existing 3.6% cut passed and signed into law last year will be continued for one more year in the new budget.

We also achieved a major victory by passing the ground-breaking Coordinated Care Initiative which was based on the principles of our Let’s Get Healthy at Home campaign. Over 75,000 people signed pledges of support for the principles and now it’s clear the Governor and legislature heard us. Through the Coordinated Care Initiative, home care providers will now have the tools to help California’s most vulnerable population get and stay healthy at home and realize long-term budget savings.

“My son, Tobin, was absolutely thrilled when he heard the great news,” said Bonita Munoz, a Sonoma County home care provider who led visits to legislators and was among more than 50 people arrested for civil disobedience at the Capitol. “Tobin told the Governor he was worried that our family would have to live under a bridge if his hours were cut. Now we can rest assured that our family can stay healthy at home.”

“I am overwhelmingly happy with the outcome of the budget,” said Rosalia Rodriguez, a Sacramento home care provider who also led meetings with lawmakers and was arrested for civil disobedience. “Now that providers can be recognized and respected for the life-saving work we do. I am so proud of home care workers and consumers from all walks of life who stood with me through this victory and are willing to do more.”

Read the press release.

For more information, visit: http://letsgethealthyathome.org

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