Make the call for Justice today

Our courts are already in crisis. We can’t afford $544 million in cuts, as Governor Brown has proposed. And while a budget has passed, we still need to work on the trailer bill that will include important protections for our courts.
Families, children, and business who rely on courts services will suffer. Courtrooms will close—and we’ll face more furloughs, take-backs, and layoffs.

Call the governor:
Governor Jerry Brown
(916) 445-2841

Tell Gov. Brown that trial courts have been hit hard in recent budgets and that they should be the LAST THING cut in the Judicial Branch. Tell him to cut from the top and use every dollar to keep courtrooms open and people working.

Sample Script:
“Hi, my name is _______________, and I work in the __________________ Court. Our court and others around the state are in crisis and can’t afford more cuts. We need to cut the fat at the top, keep trial court funding for trial courts, and use every available dollar in the judicial branch to save trial courts. We’re asking the governor to support SEIU’s approach to the budget for trial courts.”


“Thanks for your time.”

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