U.S. Supreme Court says YES to healthcare for ALL

Justices’ decision saves lives, a resounding victory for working people

The Affordable Care Act of 2010 stands! As a result of this landmark decision, 30 million Americans without healthcare will gain coverage.

SEIU has been a leader in the fight for healthcare reform. SEIU members helped elect President Obama in 2008 and rallied around his vision to bring affordable, quality healthcare to all Americans.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruling means that seniors, small businesses, women and children will benefit from the historic healthcare law for years to come.

What the laws does:

  • Insurance companies must cover people with pre-existing conditions;
  • Young adults (up to age 26) can keep health insurance coverage through their parents’ plans;
  • Seniors will save money on prescription drugs; and
  • Unjustified premium hikes by insurance companies will end.

Questions about what the decision means for you? 
Check out an infographic showing how the Affordable Care Act benefits Americans. (Source: White House)

This is a huge step forward for our country, but our work isn’t over. Opponents have vowed to repeal the law and we have a chance in November to send a strong and clear message:

“The Supreme Court has done the right thing,” said Matt Nathanson, a public health nurse in Santa Cruz County. “Now that the uncertainty around health care is resolved, we can all get to work on fulfilling the promise of the Affordable Care Act—that every American has good quality, affordable health care.”

“This is the best thing that could have happened for our country,” said Sharon Ingram, a staff nurse at Kern Medical Center in Kern County. “This is a big win for the American people. And I am really, really proud of all the nurses and everyone who helped to make this happen.”

“For working people trapped in the toughest economic crisis in a generation, the Supreme Court said that now is not the time to slow down the benefits of the law that is making healthcare more affordable. Prevention is key in lowering health care costs. Now, more people will be able to afford regular check-ups and avoid emergency room visits and more serious long-term hospitalizations that end up costing much more.”
– Tim Hill, Registered Nurse/Public Health Nurse, Santa Clara County

“Thanks to President Barack Obama and the members of Congress who believed that passing this law would save lives,” said SEIU President Mary Kay Henry.

Read the full statement SEIU President Mary Kay Henry issued in response to the decision.

Read SEIU 521 press release.

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  1. Rick Flynn says:

    What about the people on a fixed income and the low income families who can’t afford to pay the insurance premiums, what happens to them? And the homeless let’s not forget them?

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