Help make the difference for home care

Can help make the difference for home care

SEIU Hotline to the Governor & Legislators

On June 15, the California State Legislature passed a budget. Now, Governor Jerry Brown is deciding whether or not to sign it. The budget is fair and balanced and does away with huge cuts that threatened home care workers and their clients. After years of painful cuts to the program, home care is finally being viewed the way it should be–as a solution–not a problem.

However, after years of cuts, the IHSS program remains fragile and ill-equipped to meet the needs of our state’s seniors and people with disabilities. As the population of IHSS recipients is expected to double over the next ten years to more than 800,000, we must solve these challenges now. Home care providers and clients have a plan called the “Coordinated Care Initiative.”

The goal of the Coordinated Care Initative is to improve health outcomes and reduce the costs of chronic illnesses. Our plan saves money through training and improving the healthcare delivery for consumers. As a result, seniors and people with disabilities will live healthy at home rather than ending up in costly nursing homes or requiring frequent costly hospital stays.

Tell Governor Brown & your State Legislators to:

  • Pass a budget that protects the 400,000 Californians who rely on home care services from devastating cuts that could put their lives in jeopardy
  • Pass the coordinated care initiative to improve the care for home care recipients and ensure that providers have the tools they need to provide the highest quality of care

California’s home care system is broken and faces cuts

But we’re healthcare workers and we have a BETTER IDEA

Instead of cutting the budget for California’s home care program–our State Legislators should invest in the health of seniors and people with disabilities and in the training of home care workers.

As healthcare workers, we know better than anyone what happens when our healthcare system is broken.

When you call the Governor/State Senator/Assembly Member through the SEIU Hotline at 866-217-5718, be sure to make the following points:

1. “My name is [your name] and I’ve been a [job] at [name of facility OR county] for more than [#] years.”

2. “As a healthcare worker, I see first-hand the importance of preventing chronic disease and helping seniors and people with disabilities stay healthy.”

3. “Our system of care for our state’s most vulnerable seniors and people with disabilities is badly broken.”

4. “I want California to pass a budget that stops all home care cuts and pass the coordinated care initiative to fix our state’s home care program.”

Please ask your family and friends to make this call and distribute this flyer widely. (PDF)

Thank you for your help!

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