Members rally with the 99% for social change

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Workers from San Mateo and Santa Clara counties connected with community allies to kick off an enthusiastic 99% rally on the steps of San Jose State University on June 13, the eve of the state adopting a state budget with horrific cuts to public services and programs.

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Half a dozen community coalitions with different missions, but all united under the 99% cause, gathered to say we want: Affordable higher education; wages that don’t leave families near poverty; a sustainable and secure retirement for all workers; and a federal tax plan that is not riddled with Cayman Island loopholes.

On November 6, we – the 99% – CAN make a difference and we WILL!

We WILL re-elect President Obama!
We WILL raise temporary taxes on the rich to fund education and public safety!
We WILL keep fighting for retirement security for all!

99% Coalitions
Community coalitions joining us were Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, Community Health Partnership, Occupy San Jose, Silicon Valley Independent Living Center and others.

Addressing the critical need for retirement with dignity for all workers was Rachel Welch, from Santa Clara County:

“We have a retirement savings crisis in California. We are fortunate that our union negotiated a fair contract with the county that allows us to pay into our retirement fund that will support us when we are old and no longer able to work.

“But this is not the case for millions of Californians who work in the private sector. I support a bill that is making its way in the legislature that will create a retirement savings plan for private sector workers who don’t have a retirement savings plan through their jobs.”

Special Rally Treats
There were two special treats for participants: We heard from a successful businessman, John K. Stewart, who founded the coalition. Stewart joined the rally to say he wants to pay more taxes because cuts alone will kill the state economy.

And at the end, tired marchers were treated to ice cream provided by Ben and Jerry’s at a rate special just for the 99%!

Be sure to come to the next 99% rally in July… amazing things come together when the 99% get together!

“We have all been struggling and suffering through the increased tuition; it’s getting harder and harder to make payments. I believe we need to vote for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax plan to increase revenues. I believe it can help this economy. My name is Jonathan Thompson and I am the 99%!”

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