Nurse Alliance Roundup: International Convention re-cap

Published in the Nurse Alliance Roundup for June 7, 2012.

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

For this issue of the National Nurse Alliance RoundUp I am presenting you with a re-cap of the SEIU 25th International Convention. My goal is to make sure everyone who couldn’t make it to Denver with us will at least get brought up to speed on how it all went.

Soon after arriving at the hotel, which would double as my home for the next seven days, there was one thing that was front and center for me, and I kept saying it to myself as if in a trance, “this is going to be special…this is going to be really special.”

One of the things that made it so special, so spectacular for me was knowing our colleagues at the SEIU New Media Department (my alma mater) were capturing nearly every minute of the Convention. They broadcast live over the Internet for members who could not be with us in real time, and then followed it all up with recaps posted to

Whether you were with us in Denver or not, please take a few minutes to enjoy the Convention with me, again. Below are numerous links to articles that were written, edited, vetted, coded and posted to the Internet practically in real-time.

When you’re all set and perhaps feel as fortunate as I am that the New Media Department did all this great work for us to revisit and hold on to, feel free to email me your words of gratitude for them and I will pass it forward. 

In Solidarity,

-Richard Negri



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