Our Union, Our Bylaws, Our Voice!

Fresno County members overwhelmingly voted YES on a set of new bylaws!

With our new bylaws, we will be ONE UNIFIED CHAPTER. Our bargaining team will expand to make sure ALL job classifications are represented. And we will elect our stewards and bargaining team members.
We will VOTE on a new Fresno County Chapter Executive Board this summer! These 25 officers, vice presidents and senior shop stewards will be our voice, guiding our union for the next three years. And they’ll listen to us at general membership meetings held each quarter.
We need volunteers for our Election Committee to oversee this important election! Members of the committee may not run for office in this election. If you would like to help our union in this way, contact Tom Abshere by e-mail at tom.abshere@seiu521.org or by phone at (559) 447-2560.

Many of us worked very hard to put these bylaws together, and we’re happy that the members decided to adopt them. Now that we have a new and better structure for our Fresno County union, we can move forward together in battling our real opposition—the majority on the Board of Supervisors that took away our pay and our rights! —Raquel Vidal, president of Bargaining Unit 4 Job Specialists

We worked for two years to make these bylaws so that our union runs the way we want it to. Now that we’ve achieved this, let’s stick together and stay strong with SEIU!  —Santiago Oceguera, president, Bargaining Unit 4 Eligibility Workers
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