Bargaining update, July 6

We’ve taken another positive step forward in securing a strong contract that protects what we have and positions us to make improvements in the future!

County management has been adamant about taking away more from us, and especially aggressive on the issue of reducing our annual leave accrual rates.

At the Thursday, July 5, bargaining session, we stood strong together, fighting back on the accrual takeaways. Now, management is backing off on accrual reductions and we’re moving on to new items in upcoming bargaining sessions.

Our solidarity is sending a clear message to the county: We aren’t going away, and we won’t let them eliminate the benefits and workplace improvements that we’ve worked so hard to win!

Join the fight! To get involved, contact your leadership or SEIU staff or call our union office.

“The county has taken a hard-line stance on reducing our annual leave accrual rates. But we stood together, fought back, and won. This is a huge step in winning a strong contract and protecting what we have worked so hard to build over the years for Fresno County employees.” – Lenora Licon, Child Support Officer

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