Keep libraries free for all

Published in Mercury News, July 6, 2012 in the Readers’ letters.

As a librarian and a Cupertino resident, I am troubled by the practice of charging annual fees for library usage, especially now, when free educational services are most needed by job seekers, families and the elderly. Since the Santa Clara County library system instituted $80 fees for those living outside of their special parcel tax district, some area residents have now stopped using city library systems as well, fearing that they will be charged similar fees. I use several city libraries, none of which has ever charged me fees as a nonresident. Gilroy Library, a county branch, opened in 1910 after a $10,000 construction grant from Andrew Carnegie. One of Carnegie’s funding conditions was that his libraries “would provide free service to all.” I agree.

Catherine Denise Alexander
Retired public librarian Cupertino

Source: Mercury News – July 6, 2012

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