SCCOE Negotiation Update – July 20, 2012

Your Negotiation Team is currently at the negotiation table spending numerous hours discussing some of the issues you have brought to our attention via the survey.

Some of those issues are improving working conditions for OSS workers like raising the stipend for uniforms and safety shoes also in discussion are the discipline process, health care, salaries, retirement benefits, etc.

Health care is very important and a time consuming process and we are still working on solutions. We have a very dedicated team of representatives that serve on the Health Care Cost Containment Committee spending long hours at the table with the rest of the committee members looking out for the best interest of our members.

We have already addressed a number of issues from both sides such as leave policies, job qualifications, and the sub-finder system procedures.

On top of the negotiations, we have also met with the new Superintendent, Dr. Xavier De La Torre and are optimistic that our mutual concerns will be addressed, making the SCCOE a stronger and more inviting place to work.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the bargaining surveys. We have assessed them and are aware of our members’ needs. Future negotiations will focus on monetary issues including but not limited to salary increases, retirement and health care benefits.

Please help support the negotiations team by wearing purple on negotiation days. The next days are scheduled for Wednesday, July 25 and Thursday, August 16.

Please thank your negotiation team members when you see them or you can email them your concerns or ideas. Remember, they are working hard for you and your family on their own time and are always willing to listen to your valuable input.

More updates to come soon.

Don’t forget to use your IRC 125 (FSA) money.

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