Yes on Prop. 30, No on Prop. 32

On Nov. 6, vote Yes on Prop. 30, the governor’s revenue initiative to protect funding for schools and public safety, and No on Prop. 32,  the Special Exemptions Act that will shut down the voice of working families in politics.

Proposition 30 will raise nearly $9 billion by raising income taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents. Those funds will stave off another devastating $6 billion in cuts to K-12 public education, the community colleges, and the state’s higher education system.
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By contrast, Proposition 32, the Special Exemptions Act, will tilt the political playing field in favor of wealthy special interests, which will be able to continue giving hundreds of millions of dollars to political causes, while undercutting the ability of middle class working women and men to make their voices heard. These wealthy special interests already outspend the middle class by a ratio of 15 to 1. Proposition 32 will only make things worse.
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Good-government groups call Proposition 32 deceptive
Los Angeles Times – July 2, 2012

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  1. Robert says:

    NO on 30 and 38! YES on 32. Stop the power grab!

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