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On Nov. 6, vote Yes on Prop. 30, the governor’s revenue initiative to protect funding for schools and public safety.

Proposition 30, the “Schools and Public Safety Protection Act”, will raise nearly $9 billion by raising income taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents. Those funds will stave off another devastating $6 billion in cuts to K-12 public education, the community colleges, and the state’s higher education system.

In the past four years, more than $20 billion has been cut from public education in California. We rank 47th in the nation in per-student funding and now have the largest class sizes in the country. This year an additional $8 billion in new cuts are being proposed. And without new revenue, an additional $6 billion will be cut from public education.

It is the only funding initiative that takes care of the whole state by closing the budget deficit and paying down the state’s wall of debt, while providing billions for public schools and essential services. It does not raise income taxes on the poor or middle class.

  • Prop. 30 is a tax on millionaires that asks the richest Californians to pay their fair share to help fund public education and other essential services.
  • Individuals making below $250,000 and families making below $500,000 will pay NO additional income tax, so the middle class and poor are not impacted by the income tax increase.
  • The revenue increases are temporary, with the income tax provisions lasting seven years and the sales tax provisions lasting four years.
  • Prop. 30 guarantees that new revenues will go to education, bars funds for administrative costs, and all funds are subject to an independent audit.

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