99 Uniting Clips – August 24

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News clips for and about the 99%.

FFE Chicago
Demonstrators Deliver Petitions To Bain Captial Offices In Evanston
August 23, 2012

FFE Los Angeles
Local Coalition Tries To Organize Misclassified Port Truckers
Long Beach Post
August 24, 2012

FFE New York
Disgruntled Employees of Bain-Owned Companies Plan RNC Ambush for Romney
August 23, 2012

Full-Time Minimum Wages Still Below Poverty Line
The Epoch Times
August 21, 2012

Two jobs, hard times
CNN Money
August 22, 2012

Low-Wage Workers March in New York — Will It Make a Difference?
MR Zine
August 6, 2012

FFE Milwaukee
WISN 12 News (Critical Mention)
August 22, 2012

FFE Minneapolis
Mitt Romney Protesters Rally at Lake Minnetonka’s Lafayette Club
Lake Minnesota Patch
August 23, 2012

FFE Philadelphia
DAILY GRINDER: Nutter Talks Voter ID Education on MSNBC
Philadelphia Weekly
August 22, 2012

Coffman detractors head to GOP convention to voice concerns
Aurora Sentinel
August 23, 2012

TV6 Early News (Critical Mention)
August 23, 2012

Locals headed to RNC to be heard
Upper Michigan Source
August 24, 2012

Fox 39 News in the Morning (Critical Mention)
August 24, 2012

13 News Today (Critical Mention)
August 24, 2012

WTVO Channel 17 Morning News
August 24, 2012

Republican convention is bringing Romney supporters and local protesters
CI News Now
August 23, 2012

Pair of home health care workers plan protest of GOP convention
Peoria Journal Star
August 23, 2012

Freeport Workers To Head To Republican National Convention
My Stateline
August 23, 2012

Democrats, protesters gather outside, inside campaign event
Quad City Times
August 22, 2012

Romney tells Q-C: We will get America growing again
Quad City Times
August 22, 2012

‘Outsourced’ Workers Chase Elusive ‘Romney Hood’
In These Times
August 22, 2012

Sensata Workers Head to Republican National Convention
August 23, 2012

NBC 4 at 11 (Critical Mention)
August 22, 2012

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