Fresno County Bargaining Update August 23

County Changes Chief Negotiator and Concerned about PERB Charges

In today’s negotiations, the County sent in a new inexperienced chief spokesperson! It is unheard of for a County in the middle of of negotiations to change Chief Spokesperson for no apparent reason. These are negotiations which the County has dragged on for a year. When Beth Bandy was asked why the County made the unprecedented change, her response was: “We don’t have to tell you.” Bandy showed no regard for the bad faith move this was and the effect it will have on our members. Neither the new chief spokesperson or Bandy have any experience negotiating a contract, and this lack of experience is just going to cause further delays in negotiations.

We also found out from our Attorney that the county has requested that the Judge at the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) reveal when to expect a ruling on our charge against Fresno County. This is another sign that the County is delaying negotiations until the Judge rules on our charge. The judge responded: “I expect Fresno County to be issued in November.  I have cases much older than it, which also include bargaining, that I must deal with.”  This is yet another example that the county feels our member power and worried that we will win.

We are fighting all of the county’s new delay tactics and we will continue to fight until we win a fair and just contract for our members. We need your involvement, call the office and volunteer to be a CAT member. Come to the CAT meeting next Thursday, August 30th at 6PM at the Union office.  United and working together we will Win!

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