Fresno County Bargaining Update August 15

County is a No-Show, Negotiations Continue

The county’s chief negotiator failed to show up today for our most recent round of negotiations and during our previous round of negotiations the County refused to work with us. Our bargaining team is working hard to recapture as much of the losses that we suffered last year. Last week, your bargaining team made the difficult decision to demand 7 percent of our wages back out of the 9 percent that was taken from us. We will continue to fight to get as much of our 9 percent back as possible.

Our bargaining team continues to fight against the County’s unfair promotion freeze. Many of our members have worked very hard since the freeze was put into place three years ago, going above and beyond the call of duty working out of class, and we believe that hard work should be recognized with promotions.

Despite a lack of measurable progress this week, we continue to stand strong. We will continue to fight hard to keep the county at the table and get a contract that our members deserve.

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