A message from our SEIU 521 President

A message from Gwyndolyn Harshaw, SEIU Local 521 President:

Prop. 32 threatens to silence our voice!

Gwyndolyn Harshaw, SEIU Local 521 President

Make the pledge to stop the attack on our voice.

Have you heard about the unregulated, and unreported, billions of dollars that are coming from Super PACs to buy our elections?

This year, these same billionaires and corporations have spent millions of dollars qualifying Proposition 32 on the November ballot so they can take working Californians like us completely out of the picture.

They claim it’s about “stopping special interests” – but it’s really about silencing the voice for good jobs, wages and retirement for workers like us.

That’s why the California Clean Money Campaign, the League of Women Voters and Common Cause have joined thousands of nurses, teachers, firefighters and everyday heroes from across California to stand against this deceptive measure.

Join them: Sign the pledge.

Prop. 32 is unbalanced, unfair and does nothing to address the broken system in Sacramento.
In fact, it is the first of a one-two punch. The anti-union backers are trying to fool voters into passing this measure now so they can come back with measures later that strip away our rights.

Sign up today to say you will VOTE NO on Prop. 32.

With absolute power in Sacramento, they’ll go after all of the things that we’ve fought so hard for – like workplace health and safety rules, fair wages, affordable health care and job security – even the right for workers to have a union at all.

We can’t afford to let this happen. Uncontested, corporate CEOs and billionaires who have attacked workers across the nation will trample our rights here in California to push their own self-serving agenda.

Join me in saying NO on Prop. 32: Sign the pledge now!

Print and distribute Gwyndolyn Harshaw’s letter. (PDF)

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One Response to “A message from our SEIU 521 President”

  1. jane lea says:

    Corporations don’t use payroll deductions for political purpose. That’s like saying, “we’re going
    to crack down on counterfeiting by collecting all the 3 dollar bills printed.” Sounds good however, counterfeiters don’t print 3 dollar bills.
    It doesn’t stop any corporation from using unlimited profits to contribute to state or local campaigns. And the Supreme Court already confirmed that Corporations have the same rights as individuals and therefore, can contribute unlimited funds to any campaign.
    Labor rights aren’t etched in stone. They were won through politics and collective bargaining. So if you’re the 99% that have to work for a living say, “good bye” to, vacation leave, health insurance, 8 hour work day, minimum wage, work place health and safety laws, overtime pay, unemployment, child labor laws, meal breaks, nurse patient ratios just to name a few.

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