Who wants to silence us? Tele-townhall Aug. 16


Important tele-townhall Thursday, Aug. 16

Calling all members:

You will be invited to join your 521 brothers and sisters on a live tele-townhall about two critical ballot measures that will impact our jobs, our services, and our retirement security.

Join the call to learn more about Prop 32, the Special Exemptions Act, and what we can do to stop it. To join: We will call you. Just pick up the phone and you will be automatically connected. Or call (800) 278-0458 to join.

YES on Prop. 30,
the Schools & Local Public Safety Protection Act. 

Prop. 30 will raise nearly $9 billion by increasing income taxes by only 3 percent on the state’s wealthiest residents. Those funds will stave off another devastating $6 billion in cuts to K-12 public education, community colleges, the state’s higher education system, and public safety

Yes-on-30-No-on-32NO on Prop. 32,
the Special Exemptions Act. It’s not what it seems. 

Prop. 32 would silence the voices of union members from fighting for good jobs, public services, and retirement. At the same time, Prop. 32 creates loopholes that grant big corporations exemptions to spend as much as they want on politics. In other words, Prop 32 is a trick to give the wealthy and big corporations even more say over our lives.

Watch a video about Prop. 32, the Special Exemptions Act, then join the tele-townhall Aug. 16 to learn what we can do to stop it.

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