Fresno County Bargaining Update September 6

County makes best and final offer; fails to meet basic legal requirements.

Our most recent negotiations proved once again that resources and experience matter. Fresno County is attempting to intimidate you by making a best and final offer to us which takes even more money out of your pocket! The county has failed to provide all of the relevant information we have asked for which they are legally required to provide. This is simply another stall tactic.

We will fight this terrible offer with everything we have. We are what makes this county work and we have given TOO much already. This offer is unacceptable. Once again the county is trying to balance their budget on our back and we will continue fight back.

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the CAT meeting to get involved and assist their negotiations team. We need more involvement from you, get involved. Call the office and volunteer to be a CAT member. Come to the CAT meeting next Thursday, September 13th at 6PM at the Union office.  United and working together we will Win!

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