Fresno County Chapter Bargaining Update – September 13

County declares impasse despite new offer from our bargaining team on the table.

Yesterday, the county declared impasse despite a new offer from our bargaining team. They have said that as long as we are asking for any of our nine percent back, there is no way to negotiate. Further, the county has also held fast on their version of the step program. Under their plan, we would lose two years of pay for every nine years we work. We have included a chart on the major issues that have been discussed in negotiations so far and we show where each side started and where we are now. This is not an all-inclusive list and any specific questions can be answered at length by our bargaining team.

We had truly hoped we would be able to move these negotiations towards a fair and just conclusion. The county has begun to be ridiculous both in their demands and general behavior. While we don’t agree with the County’s position of impasse, we can look forward to sitting at the table with a rational and neutral referee.

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the CAT meeting to get involved and assist their negotiations team. We will let you know when our meetings will resume and the dates and times.


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