Natividad Medical Center bill sails through Assembly, on to Governor

A more secure future for Natividad Medical Center (NMC), its community, and its contract are on the horizon, thanks to 521 members helping to move the NMC hospital bill through the state Assembly.

Assembly Bill 276, “The Central Coast Hospital Authority Act,” sailed through the Assembly 75 – 3 and is now awaiting Gov. Brown’s final signature.

The bill, authored by Assemblyman Luis Alejo, opens the way for Natividad Medical Center to leave the county and form a public authority with another healthcare agency, if and when the time is right. This will ensure that NMC remains a leading health care provider for Monterey County families.

Read the press release (PDF)

Natividad member leaders negotiated with county management and hospital management to ensure the bill includes strong worker protections on issues like CalPERS, benefits, seniority, and working conditions.

Passing this bill was critical for NMC workers to stand ready to tackle the upcoming challenges of health care reform, which will put new pressure on its healthcare safety net as millions more Californians become eligible for healthcare, especially in rural areas such as Monterey County.

Members took an active role in helping the bill pass. We lobbied our elected leaders in Monterey County and Sacramento; we attended worksite meetings; we held a teletownhall; and we signed and submitted petitions.

Joe Ybarra“It was important for all of us to be involved to ensure our community continues to have good health care and our employees have good worker protections. To be involved in this has been an honor.”
Joe Ybarra, Hospital Stationary Engineer, helped lobby legislators in Sacramento

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