Tele-townhall: Will you have to pay more on pension?

SEIU 521 member holding retirement security sign

More than 14,000 SEIU Local 521 members participated in a live telephone town hall Sept. 12 to hear the latest and ask questions about the pension reform bill that Gov. Brown just signed.

Who has to pay more? At what age can you retire? What if you are not part of CalPERS? These and other questions were answered during the call.

If you missed the call, click here for an audio recording (.wav):
Part 1 (Presentation) | Part 2 (Live questions) | Part 3 (Live questions)
Entire audio recording (large file)

Click here to read the frequently asked questions.

On matters like pension reform, it is clear we need to have our voices heard. Participants of the town hall also heard about the deceptive nature of Prop. 32, which aims to silence workers’ voices in negotiating contracts.

If you have not pledged to vote NO on 32, you can do it now.

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