Come support our friends in saying “No on 32”

Latino leaders and community urge voters to reject deceptive Proposition 32

Dolores Huerta and others to call on voters to stop Prop. 32’s threat to education, health care & good jobs in Latino communities

Civil rights and labor icon Dolores Huerta will stand with other leaders and workers on Tuesday to urge Californians to “Vote No on Proposition 32” on the November statewide ballot.

The out-of-state billionaire Koch Brothers, big corporations, and a secretive Arizona SuperPAC backing Proposition 32 have carved out special exemptions for themselves while they try to silence the voices of California firefighters, police, nurses and teachers among millions of hard-working Californians.

Prop. 32 would give unfair and dangerous influence to its backers, and exacerbate problems California faces like ballooning class sizes in our schools and fewer police and firefighters on our streets. Its billionaire backers also oppose comprehensive immigration reform that would make the American Dream more attainable for immigrant families.

Major state newspapers including La Opinion have endorsed ‘No on Proposition 32.’

WHAT:Latino leaders and community leaders urge voters to reject deceptive Proposition 32 (In English and Spanish)

WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 11:00 a.m.

WHERE:Liberty Bell, 1415 Truxtun, Bakersfield

WHO: Dolores Huerta, civil rights leader and co-founder of the United Farm Workers

Leticia Perez, Kern County Board of Supervisors-elect

Jesse Aguilar, Kern High School District Teacher

Andrae Gonzales, Bakersfield City School District Member

Local  workers who would be silenced by Prop 32.

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