Rallies around propositions in Bakersfield

Dolores Huerta Speaks at No on 32 rally

Dolores Huerta

Opponents of Proposition 32 joined Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers and labor icon, on Tuesday, Oct. 23 in Bakersfield to highlight Prop. 32’s harm to working families, including the Latino community.

Prop. 32, known as the Special Exemptions Act, is an attack on workers because of the exemptions that are given to businesses, SuperPACs and the ultra-wealthy.  Recently, a secretive SuperPac from Arizona donated $11 million to support Prop. 32 – an example of how working families will be silenced in the political arena if Prop 32 passes.

Dolores Huerta focused on the harm to organized labor and talked about how “the middle class in this country was built by organized labor. Without their voice, the middle class could disappear.”

She went on to say that the protections for working-class people are all fought for and protected by organized labor. “We cannot let this terrible proposition become law.”

Bakersfield firefighter Jeff Heinle said, “I’m really glad they came here today to spread the word about Prop. 32. They are cutting fire services around the state. If Prop. 32 passes, our fire departments will have no way to fight for the equipment we need and the services our communities deserve.”

Local laborer Kurt Ramirez added, “Prop. 32 is an attack on the people and it’s great to see people in leadership take a stand on it.”

Gov. Jerry Brown rallies the Valley for Prop. 30

Later that day, Governor Brown and local officials held a rally in support of Proposition 30 at Bakersfield College. More than 100 students and supporters gathered in the outdoor space to hear the governor and others talk about the critical need to pass the proposition — or else face the consequences.

If passed, Prop. 30 will fill a $6 billion funding gap in education in California. The governor explained that the current budget is built on the assumption that Prop. 30 will pass. If it fails, there will be automatic cuts to schools across the state.

“We must invest in our future,” said Gov. Brown. “When I ran for office, I promised to balance the budget and I’ve done that… We can’t continue to cut. The people have to make the decision to invest in our future. Please support Prop. 30.”

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