Santa Clara County: Worker engagement will be keystone to MH & DADS integration

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, SEIU 521 Chief Stewards met with the head of HHS and department directors of DADS & MHD to discuss how to approach the County’s initiative to integrate both departments. We reached an important agreement that the process will have SEIU 521 line staff participating in the development of the plan and in the implementation stages. Our hope is that this signals an end to a top down era and substitutes it with transparency and labor-management collaboration that offers us a much needed voice in how we deliver care, particularly as we ready for health care reform.

In the coming months, SEIU 521 will be joining a stakeholder’s governance committee, which will have the responsibility to form and oversee various work groups. Each work group will be charged with tackling topics of how to best coordinate and integrate departmental processes/systems for the benefit of the patient. As work groups are formed, MHD and DADS steward councils will be asking for member participation, so members are encouraged to volunteer by notifying your Chief Stewards: Rosy Tran (MHD) and Jim Horrigan (DADS).

Jim Horrigan, DADS Chief Steward (Santa Clara County)

Jim Horrigan (DADS)

“I am more confident that we will better serve our patients especially now that frontline workers are part of the planning.” — Jim Horrigan, DADS Chief Steward

Rosy Tran, MHD Chief Steward (Santa Clara County)

Rosy Tran (MHD)

“I see this as a major shift away from the top down management approach. That’s a good thing for our patients and morale.” — Rosy Tran, MHD Chief Steward

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