Thousands join live call: NO on 32, YES on 30

With one week until Election Day, thousands of members joined a 521 tele-townhall Oct. 29 about propositions 32 and 30.

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Listen to the audio recording. (Wav.)

SEIU members participated in the last of this year’s telephone town halls, asking questions and getting answers regarding Propositions 30 and 32.


During the Oct. 29 call, 521 Region 5 Vice President Greg Gomez and 521 Kern County Chapter President Regina Kane hit on the perils of Proposition 32, which will silence the voices of workers and provide exemptions for corporations.

“Proposition 32 is a very deceptive ballot measure. It claims that it will stop special interests from spending on politics, but it’s really a trick that restricts union members, while allowing special exemptions for corporations. In other words, the restrictions apply to us, not them.”
– Greg Gomez, SEIU 521 Region 5 Vice President

“We go directly to the city council. We march at the Board of Supervisors. We drive to Sacramento to lobby our legislators and testify at public hearings. We even work to elect candidates who support working families, and hold them accountable when they don’t. That’s what we do to protect good jobs and good services and that’s how we win.”

“If Proposition 32 passes, all of that will go away. We will no longer have the ability to fight collectively, as a union, with one strong voice.”

– Regina Kane, SEIU 521 Kern County Chapter President

Michelle Johnson, President of the Bakersfield Elementary Teachers Association (BETA) also joined the call to discuss Proposition 30, the Schools and Safety Protection Act.

“After years and years of cuts, California’s public schools, universities, and public safety services are at the breaking point. As a teacher, I see first-hand the need to get our schools and safety services back on track. That’s why I support Prop. 30. It will generate the revenue we need to strengthen our schools, help our children, and balance our state budget.”
– Michelle Johnson, BETA President

Thank you for making our townhalls a huge success. If you missed any of the previous townhalls, they are posted online at the links shown below:

Watch the “Boo on 32” video and sign the pledge today!

SEIU 521members: NO on 32 and YES on 30

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