Kings County Courts ratify new contract

Kings County Courts RatificationWith 100% support from the membership, we have a new contract with Kings County Superior Courts with virtually NO takeaways!

The new contract is in effect from January 1, 2013 through June 30, 2015. The bargaining team secured stronger language for more shop stewards and increases in paid release time, along with better worksite access for union organizers which we hope will increase member participation.

Management proposed takeaways that we fought back during negotiations:
• They proposed eliminating the $200 annual uniform allowance for custodians. We fought back and we’re keeping it in contract. (Our two custodians came out to vote and now want to become shop stewards!)
• They proposed eliminating our annual personal holiday. SEIU countered and management agreed to a $225 annual payment instead.
• Management proposed limiting which family members qualified for bereavement leave. Not only did we defeat this one, but we INCREASED the number of qualified family members. Now ALL in-laws are included.

Biggest wins:
• Members are allowed to buy “admin leave” (pre-paid vacation) every year as part of their cafeteria benefits plan. We increased the amount they could buy from 80 to 120 hours and doubled the amount they could “cash out” from 40 to 80 hours. The bargaining team was able to sell this to management as a way to help people eat away at the 27 mandatory days they have to serve for the rest of the Fiscal Year. The members LOVE this victory and are lining up tomorrow to purchase more admin leave time.
• Management reversed themselves on furlough implementation earlier this year by only allowing members to furlough on Fridays instead of allowing them to select their days like vacation time. We filed over a dozen grievances this year and won all of them. Members are now allowed to use furlough time in place of vacation days and pre-scheduled medical leave.

Contract Ratification Flyer, Dec. 2012 (PDF)

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