Measure O fails in final count

Several weeks ago, SEIU Local 521 declared victory on Measure O based on the returns from the Fresno County Elections Department. With all the ballots now tallied, Measure O has been soundly defeated by the people of Fresno County.

Laura Basua, a Job Specialist for the Fresno County Department of Social Services and the Fresno County Chapter President for SEIU Local 521 said, “The voters have defeated Supervisor Poochigian’s attempt to take away good paying jobs from Fresno County and hurt our economy. We call on all the supervisors to work with their employees and their legal recognized representatives to resolve issues at the bargaining table, not through the ballot box.”

Supervisor Debbie Poochigian, who authored the outsourcing measure, remained defiant in defeat. She recently told a reporter at the Fresno Bee, “I don’t think we’re closing the book on this at all.” Poochigian also indicated that she might try to find another way to outsource Fresno County jobs that can’t be stopped by the voters.

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