Track 3 – Huge political victories!

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Members won huge victories in 2012 by dedicating massive resources to win key political races and issues affecting working families. We faced well-funded opposition in races up and down the state from school boards to Congress and ballot measures of all sizes. We responded by getting to work, taking to the phones and hitting the streets. Nationwide, 100,000 SEIU members made 13 million phone calls and knocked on 5 million doors. And 521 members were there every step of the way.

Together we…

  • Raised revenues for California schools and public safety (Prop. 30)
  • Defeated billionaires, corporations, and SuperPACs on silencing our voice (Prop. 32)
  • Won a ⅔ super-majority of state legislators who support working families
  • Helped elect 521 member leaders Greg Gomez and Rosaena Sanchez to Central Valley city council seats

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