California budget shows promise

The budget priorities outlined in Gov. Brown’s plan this week affirm what California working families have been calling for: A reinvestment in our future. From Medi-Cal expansion to increases in CalWORKs and CalFresh, Governor Brown’s budget embodies many of the ideals that California voters sent him to implement. Although we can lament the fact that many programs may still not meet the needs of every Californian, Gov. Brown has balanced the budget and shifted the priorities of the state in the right direction.

As with any proposal, we must also remain vigilant, making sure that the implementation happens in a way that is best for all working families in this state. From state staffing levels to the development of California’s Health Benefit Exchange, there are a number of undecided options outlined in this budget. While most of the options are good, it is up to us to stay informed and be ready to mobilize on short notice if the political process begins to interfere with the public good.

“I’m very excited about the new year. We can be optimistic that California once again can be the Golden State if we are willing to work hard and keep this process moving in the right direction.”
– RoseAnn Dominguez, SEIU Local 521 Treasurer

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