Americans support crazy idea: Every worker should have a pension

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TheStreet highlighted the results of the National Institute on Retirement Security’s study in a news article published Feb. 27 and titled “Vast Majority Wants a U.S. Pension.”

“A study shows the vast majority of U.S. adults (especially millennials, the generation of U.S. adults born after 1976) say the current retirement system is in major disrepair and needs an overhaul. To many Americans, a national pension plan is the way to go.”

“According to the Washington, D.C-based National Institute on Retirement Security, 84% of Americans say they are in favor of a pension “for all Americans” and that Congress should act on the problem.”

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The new nationwide public opinion research report finds overwhelmingly support for Congressional action to provide all Americans with access to a new type of privately run pension plan. The research also finds that Americans remain highly anxious about their retirement prospects (85 percent), and see pensions a way to improve their retirement readiness.

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The majority of working people have no pension and little to no savings, causing many retirees to rely almost entirely on Social Security, which alone isn’t enough to keep them out of poverty. As we continue to work to correct this imbalance, we need our members to tell us their stories so we can stop the retirement race to the bottom that tears workers apart and help everybody retire with dignity.

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