San José City College Labor Studies Spring 2013

New students can apply online at before the classes begin. Current students register online at or by phone at (408) 223-0300.

FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: or call Labor Studies Coordinator Jim E. Kelly at (408)-298-2181 X2575.

Learn how you can become a Community or Union Activist at San José City College.

Take Labor Studies Classes!

  • Affordable –Just $46 per unit
  • Right for Campus/Community Activists and Union Stewards
  • Short, Convenient Classes

Labor Studies mini-classes are now more convenient than ever – some just five evenings.
These are solid, information-packed classes that are lively and informal. Get to know members of other unions and organizations with similar issues. Instructors are labor and community leaders who bring up-to-date ideas that can help you to better represent your members or community.

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3.0 Units • REG #68861
Provides leadership development through improving communication skills to work with community groups, nonprofit organizations, and labor unions. Learn techniques for time management skills and meet activist leaders who are applying mobilization activities like the Associated Students ‘March in March’ to Sacramento. Apply media skills and problem solving efforts through small group participation. Producing the REEL WORK film festival will be a component of the class efforts
Class Start & End Dates Wed 6:15-9:25 Feb 6 to May 22
Room Number GE 113 KELLY, JIM E – Instructor

1.0 Unit • REG #68862
This is an overview of the federal and state laws governing collective bargaining and labor relations. Learn about the laws impacting worker’s rights from a practicing labor attorney and law professor. Carol Koenig is in the trenches battling the fight for working families and their organizations. The course is an overview of many labor provisions including; Family Medical Leave, Workers Compensation, fair hour and wage protections, employment and civil rights laws, as well as the National Labor Relations Act. The book CALIFORNIA WORKER’S RIGHTS serve as an easy to use resource for specific questions about your rights in the workplace and should be a critical companion for all workers, shop stewards, activists, union leaders and anyone who has issues concerning their legal rights at work.
Class Start & End Dates: TH Feb 7 to Mar 7 6:15-9:20PM
Room Number GE113 KOENIG, CAROL – Instructor

1.0 Unit • REG # 69413
An overview of the underlying principles of American trade unionism from a historical perspective. Recapture the general strikes in San Francisco and Oakland during California’s tumultuous industrial and agricultural developments. We will use a variety of texts and images to understand the struggles for social change organizations, as well as the social impacts of immigration, race, class and gender equality at work, Find out how the Rise of Labor union
militancy during the Great Depression achieved better paying jobs, health insurance, financial security and social legislation. We will invite a number of local leaders to examine the historic impact of Caesar Chavez, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harry Bridges, Dolores Huerta and how numerous reform groups made labor history.
Class Start & End Dates: TH Mar 14 to Apr 18 6:15-9:20PM
Room Number GE113 KELLY, JIM E – Instructor

1 UNIT • REG #69414
Examine social and labor issues including recent minimum and living wage efforts, how race, gender and age are impacting employment and the importance of civil rights legislation on racial and gender minorities, women and immigrants. You will explore how labor organizations, the military, globalization and the loss of jobs impacting living standards and health care.
Class Start & End Dates: TH Apr 25 to May 23 LEC 6:15-9:20PM
Room Number GE113 STAFF

0.5 – 9 UNITS • REG #68863
Independent studies under the direction of faculty members in specific or related disciplines. By arrangement BARBARA HANFLING

Various UNITS • REG #68864
Be employed or a volunteer at an approved work-site for the minimum number of hours per unit as stipulated for paid and unpaid status. This course provides for the development of workplace success skills.

CONTACT BARBARA HANFLING at or call (408)288-3106 after Jan 18 and no later than FEB. 6 to assure enrollment in Labor 98 or 138.

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